Residential Services

Nationwide residential moving services for civilians and military members

Ford Van Lines, Inc. has been providing award-winning moving services for civilians and military members for almost 100 years. We know that a house becomes a home the day you move in, and we're committed to making that special moment easy for you and your family. Our drivers and crew offer decades of experience in packing, loading, and delivering household goods. We have an outstanding safety record; a low claims ratio, thousands of accident-free miles, and industry-leading technology to meet the demands of modern safety standards. 1 As a transportation service provider (TSP) for the Department of Defense, we are required to maintain a high standard of service, and are under continuous evaluation, so our military and civilian customers alike can depend on top-quality performance. 2

We specialize in full-service moving, including full packing and unpacking services, storage, and nationwide transportation. Whether you want us to handle everything, or want a moving plan designed to fit your specific needs, our dedicated move coordinator is ready to assist. To get started, . And don't miss our resources below!

Move-Planning Basics

We know your move involves more than just the day we arrive to pack and load your belongings. You may have been planning for months or only a few weeks, but either way, you've had a lot to think about. We want you to feel relaxed on the day of your move, and confident that you haven't forgotten any important details.

Before Your Move:

As early as a month before your move you should begin thinking about what items you'll be moving, what you'll leave behind (including items on the no-haul lists below), and what items you might prefer to pack and move yourself, such as jewelry and financial documents. Your moving survey will be most accurate if you've already made these decisions.

What can I do with items I have to leave behind?

  • Give special items to nearby friends and family
  • Donate to charities. Many charities will pick up donated items directly from your home. There are a number of online resources that can help you research charities in your area, and your city may keep a list of local non-profits.
  • Holding a moving sale is a great way to defray moving costs, and get in some last-minute social time with members of your commuity!
  • If you are throwing any items away, be sure to contact your trash hauler to verify any quantity restrictions or extra fees, so your final bill does't contain any surprises.

During Your Move:

Before your packing crew arrives, set aside any belongings you want to move yourself, as well as anything you need while you travel. This may include suitcases, any clothing you and your family will be wearing during travel time, toiletry and hygiene items, medication, entertainment items, valuables, and personal documents, and maps and first aid and roadside emergency kits if you are driving.

What am I responsible for during pack and load?

  • Satellite dishes and TV antennas must be disconnected and made accessible on ground level if you intend to move them.
  • All appliances must be disconnected and dry, and packed/secured for transportation.
  • All gasoline-powered equipment must be emptied of fuel.
  • Curtains, curtain rods, blinds, and other window treatments must be removed from the wall/windows if you intend to ship them.
  • Please set aside any rented/leased items that need to be returned to your service providers. Examples include cable boxes, modems, remotes, telephones, dishes, etc. Ford Van Lines, Inc is not responsible for any associated fees if these items are packed and shipped by mistake.
  • Home theater and computer equipment should be disconnected and ready for packing.
  • Important! Make a final check through your home, garage, and yard, including all cupboards, cabinets and other storage areas! You are responsible for ensuring that nothing is left behind!

Dangerous Items

By law, our drivers cannot transport any flammable, combustible, or explosive items. Common household examples include:

  • Paints, thinners, stains, and related items
  • Ammunition & loaded weapons
  • Gas or propane bottles, full or empty
  • Lamp oil & kerosene
  • Nail polish remover
  • Motor oils, batteries, & fuels
  • Bleach, ammonia, & cleaning solvents
  • Sterno, matches, charcoal, & lighter fluid
  • Aerosol cans, including air and fabric fresheners, cleaners, and hair products
  • Fireworks
  • Pesticides, weed killers, and other poisons
  • Chemistry sets, pool, & darkroom chemicals


Ford Van Lines, Inc. cannot move any perishable items with temperature or maintenance requirements. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Frozen or refrigerated foods
  • Open or partially used foods, excluding spices and other pantry items
  • Produce
  • House or landscaping plants
  • Animals of any kind

Special Care Items

Certain items require special handling to ensure their safe transport, and that can incur additional costs. The following list will help you start planning:

  • Aquariums and fishbowls must be shipped empty and dry. Certain sizes and shapes will require custom crating.
  • Major appliances such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators can require professional servicing prior to transportation, including disconnecting water and gas lines, and specialized bracing and packing.
  • Small appliances and electronics should always be packed in the original manufacturers carton if available.
  • Certain types of flat screen televisions require special packing consideration if original packing materials are not available.
  • Remove batteries from flashlights, toys, appliances, etc.
  • Glass or marble tabletops and shelving, mirrors, paintings, and similar objects, should be packed in purpose-designed shipping cartons or custom wood crates.

On Delivery Day:

    Moving into your home can be much more relaxing if you follow these simple tips:

    • Make a floor plan of your new home and begin to think about furniture arrangements ahead of time so that you can ifnorm your movers where each item belongs upon delivery.
    • Pack (or ask that your crew pack) cleaning supplies, toiletries, sheets/blankets and other items you will need right away in specially marked boxes to be loaded last and unloaded first.
    • Boxes you've packed yourself should be labeled on the sides and top with your full name, the contents, and the room destination, as well as your bill of lading number if you have it.
    • If possible, arrive a day before your delivery is scheduled to ensure your utilities are connected, the home is clean and ready to live in, and to plan the placement of your larger items.
    • And last, but most important, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your Move Coordinator!