At Ford Van Lines, Inc., our mission is to provide first rate, hassle-free moving services. If your move was less than perfect, our highly qualified claims department is ready to help you through the difficult and complicated claims process.

If you recently moved with us, and need to contact the claims department, please fill out the form below.

Note: If you are requesting a claim form online, you will not be contacted by a representative.
You should receive the form via US Postal Service within a week of your request.

Shipment Information:

Requesting a Claims Form.
Requesting an update on a claim on file.
Last Name:
First Name:
Origin City/ST:
Destination City/ST:
Bill of Lading Number:
Load Date: (mm/dd/yyyy)

Note: All information listed above should appear as it does on your shipment paperwork. See your copy of the Bill of Lading if you have questions.

Current Contact Information:

Street Address:
City: State: Zip Code:

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